Healing Wise HOLISTIC Veterinary Care - Holistic Veterinary Care
Healing Wise HOLISTIC Veterinary Care LLC and Dr. Jacquie Allgire is dedicated to providing compassionate, gentle, and natural health care to dogs and cats. 
Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Dr. Allgire has been a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist since 2001 and enjoys offering Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and supervising No Anesthesia Dental clinics to beloved pets all over the Valley.




"This is the way to go! If your pet is a good candidate I totally recommend No Anesthesia Dental clinic! I will definitely go back!"

"Thank you! The care peanut & sugar got was excellent, very caring towards my dogs. Timing was perfect."

"Great handling of Noelle...was very much at ease. Appointment went by quickly. Turned a potentially difficult exercise into a positive experience for her. Will continue with regular treatments."

"Great experience! I m grateful for this service... Thank you!"

"Thank you so much! I'm so impressed!"

"Although my doggie is hard to work with, you always treat her well and are very understanding. Thanks so much ~Martie & Crabby Abby!"

"Excellent job! Coco's teeth look great! Thanks!"

"Very friendly and helpful and dog seemed unstressed by whole treatment. Thank you. It has made me be more mindful of cleaning his teeth!"

"Thank you for making Scout and Olive's experience so positive!"

"My little Cosmo and Lisa love the warm greeting we receive each time we visit for teeth cleaning. Staff is very gentle and receptive to each of their needs. I love the ongoing information and education you offer. Always something new to learn. So glad you offer optional locations and dates to help with my busy work schedule as well. Very "up beat" crew. Thank you."




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